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dreams can come true

  • Naam: Donna the sinner
  • Leeftijd: 32
  • Plaats: Groningen
  • Postcode: 9712km
  • Provincie: Groningen
  • Gemeente: groningen
  • Sexuele Voorkeur: man
  • Geplaatst: oktober 21, 2021 2:49 am


I’m a deviant devoid of any boundaries, an artist and a creator, I don’t conform to reality, I create/make/design/construct/fabricate/ it.
I’m a hedonist driven by the pure adrenaline necessary to rip into the fabric of space with the speed of a hurtling rollercoaster.
The bigger the pain, the higher the pleasure threshold, would you appreciate oxygen, had you not been stuck behind a sheet of water/ underwater for 30 seconds?
Apart from that, I adore ass-fucking/fucking in the arse, sodomizing, subjugating, manipulating and thrusting/pounding…. Extremely precisely and deeper each time. To master/have and to possess at the same time.
I’m into screams, cries, pleasure, moans and goosebumps covering the whole body, from the calves to the nape of the neck and the smell…. Of cortisol…. And testosterone.
A wolf’s sense of smell.
I’m looking for the UNIQUE ONES. You can play my game if you seduce/entice me.
Ha! You can even become one of the characters in the orchard/garden (w sadzie owocowym?) in the court (w sądzie), if you prove yourself over and over.
When I’m fed, I can be merciful, occasionally even generous.
It’s the first few seconds that decide whether you obtain the grace of attention.
And the next few seconds decide, whether I say yes or click delete and mark you as spam/stick your message into oblivion.

SHINE/ Strut your stuff:
Good looks partnered with deprivation (I like muscular guys, with huge arresting eyes,
a spectacular arse and ready for forced bi), and a dark, hardcore, socially unacceptable sense of humor.
Financial rewards (should be?) tailored to my exclusivity, unmatched, exceptional talents and unique knowhow, which you simply have not tasted before/ have never seen before/ have never imagined before.
Apart from fucked up, puslating arses, I’m addicted to challenge and self-development.

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